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Consumer Recovery Specialist

Recruitment #120531-UNCZ-05


DO NOT apply for this position through the Office of Personnel Management!


Submit resume, cover letter with reference  #2012-004/ Consumer Recovery Specialist (Ft. Supply Campus)  OR #2012-006/ Consumer Recovery Specialist (Woodward- Lighthouse) - ODMHSAS/ Human Resources Office, 1222 10th Street, Suite 201N, Woodward, OK  73801 or fax (580)256-8609. 

Under the supervision of a licensed mental health professional or registered nurse this position works as a part of the treatment team by developing and maintaining a supportive relationship with consumers in order to address strengths, goals and barriers to recovery.   This includes performing duties such as providing direct care to consumers of behavioral health treatment in an inpatient, outpatient or residential care setting, monitoring recovery progress toward treatment goals, de-escalation activities, participation in recovery, wellness and social skills groups, and developing and managing other group activities.
• Utilize active listening and problem solving skills to assist consumers to identify barriers to recovery and to assist in the development of a plan to meet determined goals.
• Monitor recovery potential and progress toward treatment goals.
• Utilize appropriate decision-making related to treatment of consumers of mental health and/or substance abuse services, including but not limited to identifying relevant behaviors/activities, and managing group dynamics.
• Participates in recovery, wellness and social skills groups and conducts strengths assessments.
• Coach consumers in coping with troubling circumstances/stimuli as well as de-escalate situations using both verbal and non-verbal approved skills and techniques.
• Provides culturally competent support and trauma-informed care in order to maintain a safe, respectful and therapeutic environment.
• Supports the department and facility in reducing incidents of seclusion and restraint.
• Assists consumers in activities of daily living; develops and manages group activities to promote recovery and wellness.
• Responsible for the movement and support of consumers to and from court and medical appointments, meal breaks, recreation, etc. ensuring staff and consumer safety.
• Performs other delegated or specialized functions as educationally prepared and assigned.
• Participate in DMHSAS-sponsored Consumer Recovery Specialist Certificate Program.

Required at this level include knowledge of the English language in order to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.  Ability is required to record observations and activities, to follow oral and written directions, and establish and maintain effective working relationships with others. Basic computer skills are required. Knowledge is required of trauma-informed, mental health and/or substance abuse prevention treatment and/or recovery programs or goals.

This position also requires the ability to establish an effective, collaborative relationship with a consumer, work effectively with a treatment team and maintain healthy boundaries with consumers.
Associates Degree 


An equivalent combination of education and experience substituting two years of relevant experience for the required education



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