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Power Generation Operations Technician I

Generating Plant Auxiliary Equipment Operator

Recruitment #121030-Q10A-02


Positions in this job family are responsible for the operation of high pressure boilers, turbines, auxiliary equipment and water purification plant and related chemical analysis of water, coal and oil in a commercial electric generation plant.


The Power Generation Operations Technician job family consists of four levels of work which are distinguished by the complexity of assigned duties, level of responsibility and the expertise required for the completion of assigned projects.

Level I:
This is the entry level where employees are expected to operate and inspect turbine and boiler auxiliary equipment; or operate a water and sewage treatment plant and work under the supervision of a skilled operator or results technician.  Employees will be expected to complete a prescribed course of study and/or a specified length of on-the-job training.


Level I:
Education and Experience requirements at this level consist of two years of experience operating turbine and boiler auxiliary equipment; or two years of experience in operating water treatment and purification systems which involved coal, water or environmental sampling and analysis work; or completion of thirty semester hours of college course work from an accredited college, university or trade school, which included six semester hours in chemistry or laboratory science for each year of the required experience, with a maximum substitution of one year; or completion of an industry sponsored training course in power plant laboratory analysis or water treatment, with a maximum substitution of one year of required experience.


The Grand River Dam Authority has been authorized to utilize a Selective Qualification when interviewing applicants for this position.  “Applicants must have two years of experience operating turbine and boiler auxiliary equipment.”

Selection Plan

Scores Based On: 100% Evaluation of Education and Experience listed on a supplemental questionnaire Policies | About | Accessibility
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