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Transportation Officer

Transportation Officer I

Recruitment #121106-Z13A-02


These positions are located in Garvin County - SORC.

*These positions require a commercial Driver license with a passenger endorsement.


Positions in this job family are involved in the transportation of ill, injured, handicapped or delinquent children within, to and from state schools, hospitals, facilities or institutions.  This includes carrying and assisting patients, ensuring emergency vehicle is adequately maintained, and maintaining records and submitting activity reports.


This job family consists of only one level and employees are responsible for performing all functions involving the transportation of students, patients and residents.  In this role they will perform routine duties driving an ambulance, van or other vehicle to transport children, transporting medical supplies or equipment, and delivering hot lunches to residential units.  They will be responsible for meeting established schedules of transport.


Education and Experience requirements consist of six months experience as an ambulance driver, commercial chauffeur, bus driver, taxi driver or in a similar field.


Applicant must possess a valid Oklahoma chauffeurs’ license at time of appointment.

*These positions require a commercial Driver license with a passenger endorsement.

Selection Plan

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