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Motor Carrier Enforcement Officer II

Recruitment #121127-M53B-09


Positions in this job family are involved in the enforcement of state laws, rules, and regulations concerning motor carrier operation, motor vehicle license and registration, motor fuel taxes and fees, and the transportation or disposal of deleterious substances or hazardous materials.  This includes monitoring and inspecting of motor vehicles for required safety standards, permits, registration, or decals, issuing warnings or citations, impounding vehicles, and arresting or determining other appropriate actions against violators.  They inspect truck stops, wash pits, oil well sites, and other areas to identify unauthorized disposal or dumping of deleterious substances and will respond to complaints about such actions.  Duties are accomplished through the operation of a motor vehicle weigh station or patrolling state roads and highways.


The Motor Carrier Enforcement Officer job family consists of four (4) levels that are distinguished by the complexity of assignments, the level of expertise required to perform the duties assigned, and the responsibility assigned for providing leadership to others.

Level II:
This is the career level of the job family, where employees are assigned duties and responsibilities at the full-performance level and perform a wide range of tasks involving the monitoring and inspecting of motor carriers and investigating complaints regarding transportation or disposal of deleterious or hazardous materials, and presentations to the industry and the public.  Positions do not have direct supervisory responsibilities, but may serve as lead worker at scale houses, roadblocks or accident sites.


Level II:
Education and Experience requirements are mandated by statute:  (47 O.S. Section 172.1) 1999 Supp.  Applicants “shall be a high school graduate and shall have had at least three (3) years practical experience in the transportation industry or in the field of law enforcement” and one (1) year of experience as a CLEET certified law enforcement officer.

Selection Plan

Scores based on:  100% Written Test

***NOTE:  Names of eligible applicants can be made available to State agencies upon their request, immediately following the closing date and time. Policies | About | Accessibility
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