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Social Services Assistant

Recruitment #130124-UNCH-03


Basic Purpose: 
This position is required to provide information, referrals, follow-up and outreach to military service members and their families in accordance with National Guard Bureau regulations. 

Typical Functions:
• Provide assistance to military families in their designated Family Assistance Office (FAO), and in other locations as needed, on pay & financial issues, military medical benefits, legal issues, ID cards & Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) enrollment, Employer Support to the Guard & Reserve (ESGR), accessing military dependent benefits and services from local installations, community-based resources, and a wide variety of other family-related deployment issues.  This list is not all-inclusive, and all family problems and concerns of service members will be effectively and appropriately addressed.
• Establish and maintain contact with each married and single deployed Guard member’s family or Point of Contact (POC) to offer assistance and determine any issues or concerns that the family may have.  Encourage the support of volunteers and unit members to provide monthly contact and maintain a database that documents the family information and the contact.
• Establish positive working relationships with state and local military, government, and civilian agencies and offices, social service agencies, community services, businesses, and civic organizations that may be able to provide support and services to service members and families.  Develop and maintain current lists that include the full name of the resource, POC, complete address, telephone number, and description of the services provided.  Lists will be updated and maintained at the FAO.
• Assist with obtaining and supporting FAO volunteers for the center.  Ensure that all volunteers are assigned duties commensurate with their ability, talent, experience, and background and ensure they are trained on their responsibilities and the chain of command.
• Establish and maintain contact with the Unit Family Program Military POC and Commander regarding family assistance issues and operations.
• Coordinate financial assistance from military, government and civilian (community) organizations as needed to assist military families experiencing hardships.  This includes referral to appropriate organizations.
• Maintain and update the directory of resources, agencies and organizations available to assist military families. Become familiar with and maintain/access all regulations and guidance that are applicable to the operation of the FAO, particularly those that pertain to assisting families.
• Attend FAO training as directed by the State Family Program Office.
• Complete intake sheets and maintain logs on all cases received by the FAO.  Additionally, responsible for complete and thorough follow up on all problems noted on all Intake Sheets at the FAO.
• Compose routing correspondence, including e-mail and completing correspondence in the correct format.  Complete and forward all required FAO reports in the correct format and on time.
• Receive FAO visitors and notify visitors and participants of relevant information, meetings and events.
• Comply with verbal or written guidance of the State Family Program Office regarding the operations of the FAOs.
• Secure and safeguard all government property, including documents that are provided for or created by the operations of the FAO.  It is understood that all records, documents and resources utilized in the FAO and by the FAO Supervisor are for official government use only.
• Use government phones, computers and other communications & electronic equipment for official government functions only.
• Respond to and effectively handle time-sensitive calls as they are received, to include during off-hours.
• Ensure that coordination is made with the State Public Affairs Office and/or the State Family Program Office in advance of any and all communications with any element of the civilian media. The FAO Specialist will provide no statements or documents to the media unless authorized by the appropriate State Public Affairs Office.
• The FAO Specialist is assigned to a usual place of employment, to which they will routinely report and from which they will routinely work.  They may be reassigned by the State Family Program Office, temporarily or permanently, to work in a different FAO, based on the needs of the supported families. 
• The FAO Specialist will be required to complete all FAO records, reports, logs and communications records.  These will be consolidated and forward to the State Family Program Office as scheduled by the SFPD.  All deliverables must meet required professional and technical standards.  No information, analysis or reports will be delivered outside of NGB except by permission and as directed.
• Applicants will possess basic computer skills and be familiar with Microsoft Windows and other Microsoft Software applications, including MS Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access.  Familiarity with FAX machines, photocopiers, ability to use basic phone skills to include conference calls is a must.  Familiarity with researching issues on the Internet is also needed.  Experience with the military is highly desirable, i.e. such as prior military service or military family member or military family volunteer.  Flexibility with working schedule is mandatory because it impacts the FAO’s ability to support and serve military families.
• The FAO Specialist will coordinate and communicate through the State Family Program Office as directed.  The FAO Specialist is responsible and accountable for managing the communications into the FAO from supported service members and families, and for swiftly identifying and communicating to the Family Readiness Office regarding all issues and problems concerning FAO operations and assistance to service members and families.
• Other deployment related positions in support of NGB Family Readiness and Reintegration related services may be added at the discretion of the government.
• Other duties as assigned.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: 
Good communication (verbal/written) and interpersonal skills; Basic computer skills, familiar with Microsoft Windows and other Microsoft software applications, including MS Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access;  familiar with FAX machines/photocopiers; learn basic telephone communication skills and technical skills (forwarding, conference); ability to use Internet; experience with the military (prior service, military family member, military volunteer); flexibility with working schedule is mandatory; successful security review as required by the government.

Experience and Education:
Two years of college desired or equivalent life experience

This is a full-time unclassified state position with full state retirement and insurance benefits, including paid health, dental, life, and disability insurance for the employee and 75% paid health insurance for dependents.  Annual leave of 10 hours per month and sick leave of 10 hours per month begin accruing immediately.

Conditions of Employment:
• Unclassified service as an employee at will
• Contingent on a favorable background check
• Contingent on a favorable pre-employment drug & alcohol screening
• Nac-I
• Maintain a valid driver’s license

Physical Requirements: 
• Sitting for long periods of time.
• Computer work for long periods of time.
• Able to lift fifteen (15) pounds.

Notes:  Position is located at Norman, Oklahoma 

Employment eligibility verified through e-Verify (Homeland Security), and a National Agency Check for positions that require computer access.


Veteran’s preference points apply only for initial appointment in the classified service. Policies | About | Accessibility
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