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Retirement Education Coordinator

Recruitment #130128-UNCA-01


  DO NOT summit an application for this position to OPM/Human Capital Management!

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Basic Purpose:
This position is responsible to provide comprehensive retirement education programs for members and employers primarily in the form of group presentations; to assist in the creation, editing, and publication of content for the agency’s written and electronic publications; to execute and maintain a comprehensive customer satisfaction survey program; and to provide other support services to the Communications Department and agency, as needed.

Essential Functions:

The essential functions of this position include, but are not limited to the following
• Present educational programs to member and employer audiences, travel to presentation locations, set up equipment, interact with attendees, and follow up on unresolved issues.
• Provide all advance work for seminars and other special events, including scheduling locations, providing means for registration and confirmations, maintaining attendee database, and making all other necessary arrangements. 
• Maintain effective working relationships with participating employers in the organization and delivery of education seminars.
• Research and keep up to date on established industry studies or resources from other public retirement systems across the country regarding retirement education.
• Research and maintain a comprehensive retirement education program including scripts, PowerPoint and other visual presentations and printed materials.
• Conduct research and continuously update program materials, including information on calculations, statistics, trends and demographics. 
• Stay current on financial planning issues and revise program curricula, visual aids, and handout materials as appropriate.
• Develop and apply tools for measuring the effectiveness of the program in achieving defined objectives, and revise the program as needed.
• Assist in creating, editing, and updating OPERS print and online publications using various types of software and assisting in coordinating the entire publications process, in some cases from a basic concept to final production and distribution.
• Write and develop content for the agency’s public and internal websites.  Assist agency staff with additions and updates to the websites as needed.
• Assist with preparation and execution of annual employer training sessions and other education seminars.
• Maintain an employer contact database and facilitate periodic email alerts.
• Prepare acquisition requests and assist with travel arrangements for Communications Department staff.
• Serve as agency’s publications officer and maintain publication inventory control.  Develop specifications for bids and acquisitions, establish production timelines, and serve as liaison between OPERS and vendors on printed publications and forms from concept through final delivery and submission to the Publications Clearinghouse.
• Serve as Communications Department’s primary contact with employers regarding publication needs and other issues.
• Research changes in plan provisions and procedures as needed to provide targeted training to colleagues in Communications.  Provide a central repository of training materials for future reference.
• Draft sample questions for each unique survey and update as needed.
• Establish the necessary response rates to achieve statistically valid data.
• Determine the survey method most appropriate for each version (paper, online or phone).
• Develop and maintain a data collection process.
• Provide ongoing reports on trends in each transaction type to agency management.
• Develop and apply tools for measuring the effectiveness of the program in achieving defined objectives, and revise the program as needed.

Knowledge of the methods of organization and management; of agency policies and procedures; of contract management; of basic research and statistical techniques; of federal and state laws and regulations relating to administration of retirement programs; of financial language and terminology relevant to retirement programs.  Must be able to establish and maintain effective working relationships with others; to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing; to establish and develop training programs; to exercise good judgment in analyzing situations and making decisions; and to organize and present facts and opinions.  Must be able to speak effectively in front of groups of people and with individuals face-to-face, on the telephone and through electronic means; to prepare and explain retirement calculations to individuals of all educational levels; and to handle stressful situations effectively.  Must be able to fulfill the travel requirements of the position.

Bachelor’s degree and one year of professional or technical administrative experience in business or public administration; or an equivalent combination of education and experience, substituting one year of qualifying experience for each year of the required education.  Experience in public speaking is preferred.  Must be proficient in Word, Excel and other publication software.  A current Oklahoma driver’s license is required.



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