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Nursing Manager

Recruitment #130213-UNCY-20


 DO NOT submit an application for this position to Human Capital Management!

 To apply, please follow the directions below:  

Submit resume and most current evaluation to:
     Judy Seikel, Human Resources Management Specialist
     Mabel Bassett Correctional Center
     29501 Kickapoo Road
     McLoud, OK  74851
    (405) 964-1633 (405) 964-3014 (FAX)

Oklahoma Department of Corrections
Unclassified Job Descriptor

Basic Purpose:

Positions in this job plan, organize, manage, and perform nursing services at
correctional medical units that are large in size and scope; these positions may also work as a member of the Quality Assurance Team or serve as the administrator of a small health services operation which includes providing clinical nursing services.

Typical Functions:
· Plans, organizes, and manages all professional nursing services; plans and
conducts orientation and in-service training programs for nursing staff.
· Develops and implements nursing policies and procedures for local operations
and/or carries out medical services procedures; establishes objectives for the
assigned nursing unit(s), and coordinates the activities of the assigned unit with
other medical activities as appropriate.
· Ensures that appropriate physical facilities, supplies, equipment, and personnel are
maintained for nursing department operations and functions; approves requisitions
for supplies as appropriate.
· Checks overall nursing services schedules; reviews assignments of nursing
personnel; ensures adequate coverage is provided.
· Plans, organizes, and manages a systematic approach to quality management,
including the use of valid performance measurements, quantitative and qualitative
analysis and program evaluation.
· Performs specialized nursing functions, such as nursing assessments, planning,
interventions, evaluations, health related education, case management, and
administering medications and other treatments.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

Knowledge of professional nursing theory practices and techniques; of medical
supplies; of primary health care programs; of budget, personnel, and purchasing
procedures, and of federal and state rules and regulations concerning health services,
accreditation, certification, licensure, and nursing standards. Knowledge of and skill in
the use of appropriate information technology. Ability to develop, plan, and administer
an effective nursing care program; to communicate effectively both orally and in writing;
to plan and conduct in-service training programs; and to establish and maintain effective
working relationships.

Education and Experience:

Statutorily Required: N/A

Minimum Qualifications: Possession of a valid permanent Oklahoma license as
approved by the Oklahoma Board of Nursing to practice professional nursing and four (4) years of professional nursing experience; or a bachelor’s degree in nursing, and three (3) years of professional nursing experience; or a master’s degree in nursing and two (2) years of professional nursing.

Job Code: 3853 DOC Pay Grade: Medical Statutory Reference: 74 O.S. § 840-5.5 or 5.11 Effective Date: 08-01-02


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